Ex-CIA agent takes you through the intensive sharp shooter training he learned in the CIA academy. In just 30 days learn to be a sharp shooter like every agent leaving the academy. 

Who ignores a cease and desist letter from the CIA?

This guy…


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Why would anyone do that?

The truth is – he’s on a mission to help folks like you and me protect ourselves…

…from intruders in our home, from robbers on the street, from anybody who would do us or our families harm.

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His name is Jason Hanson. He’s an ex-CIA officer, and the Founder and President of Concealed Carry Academy. You might have seen him in those tactical pen videos that are going around.

Jason is the real deal… He’s not only trained in all of these tactics, but used them in the real world.

He’s used his own life as a proving ground for these techniques and he believes that you need to know them too.

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